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Dissertation/Thesis Writing

Research writing is an arduous process for most Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students. What complicates this process varies from one field or institution to another. While we consider these varying reasons, we are more interested in solving the puzzle and providing solutions. Our team of highly competent Research Writers is always ready to provide help. Each writer handles well tasks related to their area of specialization; they bite what they can chew. Our writers are experts in writing research proposals, research reports, research papers, concept notes, and final dissertations/thesis. They value quality in every piece of work they write.

1-on-1 Dissertation Coaching

Dissertations are a tricky beast, that is undeniable! However, if the student engages themselves in the research writing process fully equipped, they can easily be successful. At Authentic Research Consultancy, we provide tried and tested dissertation coaching services for all academic fields. We clear up any research related dilemma and demystify every research concept. We guarantee students under our coaching find it easy to work their way through research writing. We provide all the guidance and tips on formulating an exciting research topic, reviewing related literature, analyzing data using different data analysis software programmes among others. Distance is not a limiting factor at all. So let’s engage. Feel free to contact us.

Free Material

We share simplified and well-detailed research-related material through blogging. Click on Blog right at the top of the homepage. There you will find informative materials that deeply explore various research-related issues. We have exciting blogs on matters to do with formulating a good research topic, organizing your thoughts and putting facts together throughout the research process and identifying, understating, solving a research problem and many more. Our primary objective is to simplify research writing as well as making relevant and helpful research writing material accessible to all. Don’t leave without clicking the blog page and check all the material uploaded for your convenience. Yes, it’s for you!

Assignment Writing

Get assignment help from our team of professional writers. Choosing us means ensuring the highest assignment grades at the lowest price. Our principle is "no attempts", we assign each writer tasks that fall under their area of specialization. Get hold of us and get the best grades in your assignments.


Our team of qualified editors possesses excellent editing and proofreading skills in checking all language, spelling, typographical and formatting errors in your text before it is published, submitted, or shared. So, you have no reason to submit a document with annoying grammatical, spellings, typographical, and formatting errors while we are here. Get hold of us!


We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of editors who possess excellent editing skills. Their job is to ensure that your document is free of any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors before it is shared. Our editors fine-tune your text by deleting, adding, rearranging words, sentences, and paragraphs to improve readability. Consider our team of editors to ensure your document is free of errors that can annoy readers.